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Workforces are rapidly evolving. Are you still playing catch up?

You may be struggling to work with the millennials in your office. Or with trying to build a team that has more women in it. Maybe your smartest people are leaving you for start- ups and the rest are unable to cope with new technologies. If this resonates with you, your company is most likely missing a winning culture.

What’s a winning culture? At Unfold Consulting, we believe it’s one that’s inclusive, intrapreneurial and future-ready. Here’s what we’ve been doing to help build winning cultures:


We conducted a workshop with 80+ participants in the CII-IWN Diversity Summit in July, making them aware of unconscious biases towards age, culture and gender. These biases can influence important decisions and hinders progress at work. View photos of our workshop.

We also manage a community called Unfold Second Innings, where retired professionals are given a chance to enter the workplace again, in a way that meets their needs as well. We believe the wisdom they have and the views they bring greatly improves a company’s work culture.


Innovators at your company are important and need to be empowered. This is why we brought the concept of Intrapreneurship from global circles to India. We started the conversation in March with a well-attended conclave and most recently conducted a roundtable discussion with Cisco to understand how the concept can be brought to life here.

We also held a workshop called ‘Future of Work through the Intrapreneurial Lens’ for leaders and managers across industries, to understand what it takes to build an intrapreneurial culture.


Unfold helps organisations create a high performance culture that is based on building the necessary competencies that lead to the company’s future growth and development.

We recently put our transformation program and dynamic assessment and learning framework into practice for a global bank who believes its employees need to cultivate differentiated competencies to stay relevant and thrive in today’s environment.

Are you ready to build a winning culture in your organisation?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the 7 elements of a winning culture are: being honest, performance-focused, accountable and owner-like, collaborative, agile and adaptive, innovative, and oriented towards winning.

At Unfold, we believe we’ve summed up what other HR leaders know about building a winning culture. To get in touch with us, email

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