December 2017 Newsletter

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What’s your organisation’s keyword?
People and companies can always be described in one word. It could be ‘enterprising’, ‘innovative’, ‘perceptive’, ‘ethical’, and so on. We recently came across one word that took us by surprise, because it’s so rare to see nowadays – ‘respectful’.
As a team keen to build winning cultures for organisations, we understand that the value of respect is an important one in progressing on the journey towards success. What else is important? Having an inclusive, intrapreneurial and future-ready culture is.
We’re excited to continue working with a unique cancer hospital – which aims to build respect between practitioners and patients. We completed an initial study to identify what the value ‘respect’ means across different levels of the institution. We’re now developing a road map that will make this a sustained culture practice. We’re glad that a hospital is keen to build an ethical and empathetic culture that puts the patient first!

Our Unfold Second Innings community has been scaling exciting heights. We facilitated a dialogue where generational gaps at the workplace were discussed, and reinforced how the value of respect helps bridge such gaps effectively. Our story was also featured in a publication that focuses on entrepreneurs.

We recently teamed up with Accenture’s Innovation team to conduct a discussion with several companies that understand the need for strengthening the concept of intrapreneurship and how it can be promoted across organisations. The lively discussion focused on topics like how to connect intrapreneurs to decision makers and buyers, how to overcome resistance to new ideas and develop them further, how to nurture and enhance an intrapreneurial capability, and the importance of an outside-in view, among other points. We are now looking to conduct deeper interventions and further streamline processes on building a culture of intrapreneurship in India. View photos from the discussion here.

While Artificial Intelligence and Robotics take over certain work profiles, we are working with a financial institution to identify unique roles and future competencies for their people. Simultaneously, an Indian construction company has the mammoth task of moving a team that has worked on one product for 15 years, to work on six new products, in new growth markets and requiring a new set of capabilities. We’re happy to work with them on their 2020 roadmap and will train their team on how to build new skills and stay relevant as they pivot to a new paradigm.

Some of the lessons we have learnt as we have tried to understand the value of respect
1. Focus on others’ needs and consider how your words and actions will impact others before you speak or act.
2. Be intentional in your communication and promote active listening.
3. Become a bridge builder and act in a manner that creates collaboration
4. Appreciate the value of diverse opinions in developing approaches to varying situations.
Let’s start a dialogue!
What do you think about the importance of respect in building a winning culture? Were you able to identify your company’s keyword or did you find it a challenge? Are you interested in joining us on the journey towards intrapreneurship in India? We have many more questions, and we’re sure you do too. Connect with us – we’d love to have a chat!

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