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Does your company know its intrapreneurs?

There is a thriving entrepreneurial climate within Indian companies, but usually there are no practices or a management approach to identify and enable such innovation to grow. Employees with an entrepreneurial spirit – or intrapreneurs – are willing to take calculated risks for the company but need the management’s involvement.

How do you know whether you have intrapreneurs and what you need to do about them? There is a gap that Unfold Consulting has identified in this area and we will soon roll out an extensive quantitative and qualitative study to understand the art and science of intrapreneurship. In the meantime, we spoke to Priya K from Ingersoll Rand to learn about their intrapreneurship program.

Priya is the Head – Talent and Organization Capability, India, at Ingersoll Rand. Unfold Consulting caught up with her to understand how her company has made intrapreneurship part of its DNA.

Q: Tell us how this concept came to be recognised and addressed at your company
Over the years it has been very important for our Engineering and Technology Center (ETC) in India, to constantly innovate and ideate to address technology and product gaps. The ETC has identified building intrapreneurial capabilities as a key competency for their leaders, to enhance sustainable growth. This reflects in their increased participation in new product development and new technology introduction.

Q: Do you have a specific program that nurtures intrapreneurship or is it more organic?
A: We started off with a more organic approach of sharing best practices internally. After a few years, we have started inviting external industry leaders and practitioners. This encourages an outside-in perspective.

Q: What do you think has led to intrapreneurs feeling the urge to share their ideas…how much has to do with the mindset among management?
A: Our senior leadership is aligned and they understand the importance and significance of building intrapreneurial capabilities. The challenge is to build this mindset and skill across all levels of the entire organization.

Q: Do you feel that the intrapreneurs’ ideas have brought a return on investment? Is there a future in developing the intrapreneurship program further?
A: Yes, we absolutely believe that continuing to build intrapreneurial capabilities is critical to the success of the Engineering and Technology Centre.

At Unfold Consulting, we’re all about building winning cultures in the areas of inclusion, future-readiness and intrapreneurship. Here’s a quick glance at what we’ve been busy with in the recent past.
We recently facilitated a session on unconscious biases and moderated a panel at the CII event – Future of work and how to leverage diversity at the workplace. It was a full house with vibrant interaction around how organisations can leverage gender, generations and thinking styles to build inclusive and innovative workplaces. A few of our Unfold Second Innings members shared their journeys and how they have broken stereotypes of age and gender. View photos of the event here.

We are excited to say that we’ve just launched ZipBizz – a one-of-a-kind HR software that will help businesses manage their people efficiently. This umbrella software is simple, intuitive and has a host of features that will help any business owner breathe easy when it comes to engaging employees. It is affordable, flexible, lively and engaging. Get in touch to know how ZipBizz can help you.

In February, we conducted a program for our Unfold Second Innings community called Future of Workplaces: How is technology disrupting the world of work? This started a dialogue on how seniors or people who have taken a career break can come back to the world of work and still be relevant in a technology-filled environment. This session was conducted by Suman Akkiraju, an HR professional specialising in technology, and it was well-received. View photos of the event here.

Let’s start a dialogue!
Are you keen to participate in the intrapreneurs’ research conducted by Unfold Consulting? You’ll get to showcase your best practices, learn how to identify and retain intrapreneurs, obtain benchmarked data, among many other things. Get in touch if this interests you! email puja@unfold-consulting.com / info@unfold-consulting.com

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