August 2018 Newsletter

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Can you afford to say ‘no’ to wisdom?
A team that combines new ideas with experience is a winning team. And Unfold Second Innings can bring upto 50 years of experience to you. This community consists of retired and senior professionals, army veterans, and home makers and women on a career break – all who would like to continue using skills and experience in a productive way. Their work experience ranges from 20-50 years in fields such as Accounting, Administration, Hospitality, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Teaching and much more.
Why should businesses consider engaging with retired and senior professionals?
•     High on knowledge and professional experience
•     Strategic mindset
•     Domain / functional expertise
•     Wisdom gained from life lessons
•     Ability to link the dots
•     Loyalty and commitment
•     Disciplined work ethics
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At Unfold Consulting, we’re all about building winning cultures in the areas of inclusion, future-readiness and intrapreneurship. Here’s a quick glance at what we’ve been busy with in the recent past.
Unfold and INKTalks conducted an enlightening program where leaders like Lakshmi Pratury, Founder & CEO of INKTalks; Keerthi Varma – Recruiting Leader, Frontizo | Appario; Madhumita Venkatraman – Experienced Diversity & Inclusion Professional; and Shoma Bakre – Founder of ‘Let’s Do Some Good’ Foundation came together to talk to the Unfold Second Innings community about what it takes to have a successful second career. There was lots to learn from them! View photos of the event here.
It’s time to initiate a dialogue about intrapreneurship in the Indian context – what does it take to promote it, what do intrapreneurs want and need, how does the company’s management need to approach intrapreneurs, and more. It will help identify best practices in the areas of Purpose, Principles, People, and Practices that are relevant today. Unfold is conducting a pioneering research around these topics. Interested in participating? Connect with us to know more.

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Let’s start a dialogue!
Are you keen to engage with Unfold Second Innings, or know someone who is? We have people who can consult and mentor, strategise, teach, advise start-ups, manage operations and logistics, handle administration and customer support…the list goes on. Some can put in a full day’s work, and some would need flexibility. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you with your business and how best we can work together. Just send us an email.Email
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