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Unfold Second Innings Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3



It seems like all of us in the Second Innings Club have only good news to look forward to! Here is an excerpt from a recent New York Times article

“What is the benefit of work? Activation of the brain and activation of social networks may be critical,” Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School, said in an interview.

Researchers have long assumed that only well-educated and healthier people benefit from working after a certain age. Lately, however, scholars and retirees themselves have been exploring an intriguing question with implications for both potential workers and policy makers: Is a job a force for keeping older people mentally and physically healthy?

Mark Truitt, 70, a longtime educator (says) “I’ve seen a number of teachers who retire and don’t do anything they think is of value, and they go into decline pretty fast”.
Mr. Truitt now puts in about 10 hours a week as a consultant (helping people) to collaborate to improve school leadership. “I love the heck out of it,” he said.

Haven’t we known this all along?!

Retirement and Work
A new landmark study from Merrill Lynch, conducted in partnership with Age Wave, finds that nearly three out of four (72 percent) pre-retirees over the age of 50 say their ideal retirement will include working – often in new, more flexible and fulfilling ways. And with already half (47 percent) of current retirees having worked or planning to work during their retirement years, it will become increasingly common for people to seek work during this stage of their lives. "This study confirms that as people live longer and healthier lives, they’ll continue to find satisfaction from work even after they retire from their primary career."

Work Opportunities

Interested in Teaching / Mentoring / Career mentoring? We have some jobs available!
Teaching opportunities are available (No B.Ed. degree required) with non-profit organizations in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer Science

Tutoring and career-mentoring opportunities are available for those looking to work from home.
Register for teaching / mentoring / career-mentor jobs
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Teaching as a second career - a shining example!

Mr. Vasant Cavale has made teaching his passion and his second career
While most of us are contemplating teaching as a second career, one of our members, Mr. Vasant Cavale, has been at it for the past 16 years!
Mr. Cavale has worked at HUL, Brooke Bond and KPMG and has experienced the corporate world for about 30 years. He has undertaken consulting jobs independently all over the world.
He was invited to teach by the illustrious Prof. J. Philip of  XIME and after that there was no turning back. Mr. Cavale enjoyed teaching so much, he was hooked! He brings to his classes his vast experience in the real world and is able to use his projects as his case studies – an advantage very few in the academic world have. Students love his ability to answer real world questions and his perspective; of course, Mr. Cavale enjoys the inquisitive nature of his young students and finds their attitude refreshing. Did I mention that he teaches only 2 days a week? – so you can have your cake and eat it too!
Mr. Cavale has co-authored “Sales & Distribution Management” with Prof. Krishna Havaldar , now in its 3
rd edition, published by McGraw Hill Education
There, you have it - an example of a second career done right! Next time you meet the unassuming Mr. Cavale, you can badger him with questions about his second career!

Skilling Opportunities

How to become a great teacher: upcoming workshop!
Our next workshop is for those who are passionate about teaching and giving back to society. We have a half-day program coming up on effective teaching techniques. You could be in any discipline (engineer, accountant, economist, scientist, etc) and want to learn how to teach.
Apply for our workshop in June
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Event Recap

How to develop a good narrative: a workshop for aspiring writers
As part of our endeavor to find flexible and rewarding roles for retirees, home-makers and seniors, we found that content writing for the Internet has potential. Writing articles or stories from your home can get published more easily than ever before and it’s a role that has no age barrier.
A very enthusiastic group of people attended the Content Writing Workshop at Lahe-Lahe, Indiranagar, conducted by Peter Yorke of Yorke Communications. In fact, we got so many participants, we had to find a bigger venue!
Peter’s years of experience, distilled into a half-day workshop, addressed the basics of communicating to the target audience. This  could range from senior citizens to impatient millennials addicted to skimming text on their smartphones.
Basing stories on facts is what Peter excels at. His showed us how a writer could extract a number of stories from a set of facts while keeping the client’s interests in mind.
We received great feedback, where everyone loved the workshop and most wanted to continue learning more about content writing.
Want to be part of our next content writing workshop?
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Content Writing Workshop participants in a heated discussion with Peter Yorke

Enthusiastic participants pose for a group photo

Unfold Learning Benefits Program

50% off on courses: Become Computer Savvy!
As you are all aware, we have partnered with NICT to provide training at a 50% discount on courses such as Tally, Internet and Social Media, Excel, Advanced Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and other courses of interest. This will help those who wish to better their chances of getting work or even improve their knowledge of the Internet and Social Media to keep up with their children and grandchildren!
Not only that, NICT has centers dotted all around Bangalore – you can find one near you! (Jayanagar, Hanumanthanagar, Koramangala, Sampige Road, Domlur, Yelchenahlli, Channasandra, Ramamurthynagar, Sampangiram Nagar, Devanahalli, Thanisandra, Hennur, Vijayanagar)
Mr. Abhe Ram, who worked for the Indian Army, recently took the Advanced Excel course at the NICT center in Koramangala. As his experience is in administration, he felt he could not only improve his knowledge of Excel, but could also enhance his prospects of finding a job in the future. He is happy that Unfold Second Innings made him focus on this learning aspect and incentivized him by getting him a good discount.
Mr. Natarajan is another beneficiary of the Learning Benefits program who is taking the Tally course at the Domlur Center. As a person with a finance and accounting background, he found that prospective employers were looking for people with knowledge of Tally. We pointed him to our Learning Benefits program and convinced him to take up the Tally course. He is currently enrolled and is picking up Tally to add to his portfolio of skills.
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