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February 2016



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Journeys of redefining age


Preface: a Personal Note: Puja Kohli
We have unfolded this new year with a happy beginning. We kick started our year with our first get together meet with a small group of registered participants to understand individual needs and expectations from us and the second innings perspective. We gathered inputs that helped us plan our direction. We are looking to scale our impact in 2017 and not be limited by time and space with smarter solutions. Our first initiative to impact learning on a few topics at scale for retirees and homemakers is launched and you will read more about it in our newsletter.
We are always welcome to ideas and ways to enhance the second innings experience of seniors and retirees. Join our community to access, apply and add value to yourselves and others.


Active Ageing & Living
Future of Cities:

Very few researches have been carried out so far in the domain of Quality of Life and built environment in India. The researches on ageing have mainly focused on health, financial and social issues. Help Age India have undertaken a few studies on the characteristics of the built environment that are best fit for the elderly. In 2007, Help Age India had conducted a study on ‘Age-friendly cities’ on Udaipur and Delhi for the report entitled ‘Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide’ prepared by the World Health Organisation. In this study, the basic requirements that cities should possess so as to be accessible to and liveable for the senior citizens, have been proposed. The report is a guide for cities to enable ‘active ageing’. It caters to the aspects of Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Transportation, Housing, Respect and Inclusion, Social Participation, Communication and Information, Civic Participation and Employment, Community Support and Health Services. We hope that the recommendations are implemented to make our cities friendly for seniors.

Active Ageing and Careers
Spotlight on Mr Hegde: Second Career opportunity through Unfold.

Mr. Subray V Hegde was one strong profiled retiree with vast pool of experience in the banking sector. He was very interested in exploring roles of similar finance backgrounds and he was also flexible and open to travel. We had found a suitable full time role for his profile, with Credens Fiduciary Solutions, Bangalore.
He has shared with us his experience with Unfold Second Innings and our services. In his own words: “Unfold helped me uncover a wonderful second innings, they took a great initiative to find a well-fitting role suitable for my profile and experience.”
He found that the organization was very accommodative in providing training and guidance at the job. He was very satisfied with actively engaging in his second career where his experience and knowledge is valued.
A few of our current open opportunities are

  1. Part time: Finance and accounts position : Work From home opportunity.
  2. Full time: Senior/ Mid level managers in the fields of HR, Admin marketing and Finance.
  3. Volunteering: Project Coordinator - Not-for-profit - preferably women, half a day - for 5 days a week- NOT SALARIED - Transportation will be paid.

Write into us at or call us at +91 8040924957, +91 9886623767.

Active Ageing and Networking
Coffee Conversations and more…

A small get-together was held at 3.30 pm on 6th February, 2017 at Chai Patty, a cosy place in Indiranagar. A group of eight registered members met up along with the Unfold team.   The hosts ensured that everyone was comfortable with steaming hot tea and snacks.   The members were very happy to interact with each other even as they were introducing themselves.   The members shared their views and interests in entrepreneurship.   The "knowledge bank" available - whether it can be pooled and a "silver starter" can emerge?  Puja was happy to share that Unfold has experts and if and when counselling is sought, necessary support will be provided on an agreed fee.   She also shared in detail the journey so far.   The interaction has paved a way for information sharing and healthy inter-action. Registered members also felt that having a dedicated Whatsapp group would help them get an immediate update on the activities the proceedings of the Unfold Second Innings. Some also suggested that the whatsapp group was easier for them to access and would fetch a great reach among seniors -“a message would just pop-up and We will know about it at that instant”.  Mr. Vinay Khandekar, the senior mentor of this program summed up the discussions, said that it will be a "two-way" "win-win" process where the members can feel free to update Unfold, the happenings in and around the neighborhood and Unfold in turn will approach as an organisation and create a synergy and explore how it can benefit the community at large.

Active Ageing and Learning
An opportunity to learn and explore areas you haven’t understood before:

Unfold has finalized a tie-up with a prestigious Computer training institute with its main office in Jayanagar and centers across Bangalore, to enable active learning in seniors.

We believe that learning never stops and age is just a matter of mind over matter.
In our continuous endeavor to bring learning solutions to our Unfold Second Innings community, we are pleased to launch a unique benefit exclusively for our registered members.
Courses offered:

Internet and Social Media
Tally ERP 9.

Microsoft Applications – MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint


Register with us now to access the opportunites and GET STARTED!!

A small annual fee of Rs. 500/- will give you large benefits to be part of our community.
Best Regards,
Unfold Second Innings Team


“The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old". 
- Rosalyn S. Yalow


"Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind."
Jackie Joyner



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