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Preface: a Personal Note: Puja Kohli

We felt it was time to share our experiences and stories and what better time than before the New Year to start a newsletter.

We met so many amazing people in 2016 wanting to stay active post retirement or wanting to contribute in a meaningful way or just being open to learning how to use their gadgets and be relevant in the current times. We met them through our workshops, events, or when they dropped into our office to just have a chat and explore how they can contribute. We wanted to share a few stories amongst many such journeys we engaged with in 2016, and we will keep sharing with you other stories in our subsequent newsletters

Unfold Second Innings began as a small contribution to enable Active Ageing by providing a space for learning through meaningful work engagements.

Our society is still in transition and building its mindset and readiness to support and enable retirees and seniors. The journey is complex, but we will continue to try and break the stereotype of age in any way we can.

In the words of Robert Frost ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep’

Defining our value proposition

Based on insights gathered from our study and engagement with the retired community we have found that retirees don’t always feel their world of work is accomplished but want to redefine their lives post retirement to explore those diverse opportunities which a routine career has so far denied them, try new ideas and walk paths they’ve always dreamt of.

Unfold Second Innings encourages retirees & homemakers to pursue second careers by building diverse capabilities and exploring opportunities in their areas of interest.

With better lifestyle and appropriate medical assistance pursuing a second career is a real possibility. Unfold aims to build a community of seniors and retirees, provide them with a platform that helps enhance their capacity and assists them with exploring opportunities for a second career. Unfold conducts skill and interest based workshops, provides one-to-one coaching and career support & advisory services.

Spotlight on Agnes

Agnes Lokre walked in to BHIVE earlier this year to attend our workshop, her daughter accompanied her and it was wonderful to see this support to her mother’s need for learning.

Agnes was quite disturbed as the cab driver had taken them through a circuitous route to get to the venue, making her reach late despite having left early. In her words, a ‘harrowing experience’. However, as the lesson began it was quite a pleasure to see that she calmed rather quickly, became an inquisitive student and did not allow the stress to get in the way of her learning for the next 3 hours. At 73, she retains the spirit and poise of a younger woman aspiring to learn and become effective with online tools.

Agnes continues to be a financial consultant with ICICI Prudential for the last 16 years. Her work largely entails educating and providing her clients/customers with a Systematic Education Child Plan. She is also a health consultant with Max Bupa Health Insurance Company for five years.

She is happy that she is able to improve her skills by favouring those in need. Truly an inspiration, she works relentlessly to do what she loves the most – helping people and their families secure a brighter future. More power to you Agnes!

Feel Samriddhi.

Unfold is delighted to have Samriddhi , an organization which does wonderful work in the space of child education as a partner in its journey. We have placed several people in Samriddhi who have had a wonderful experience there. We spoke to the wonderful Seema Jha, a trustee, to find out more about the Samriddhi journey and its journey with Unfold Second Innings.

Tell us a little bit about Samriddhi

Samriddhi Trust started on 31st August 2010 by founder and Trustee Ms. Mom Banerjee. Ms Mamtha and I are the other 2 trustees of the trust.

Samriddhi’s mission is to ensure measurable, irreversible and substantial positive change in children’s lives through schooling and education.

Our Vision is to see every disadvantaged child get access to equal opportunity of holistic education leading to universal enrichment or “Samriddhi”

When did you hear of Unfold for the 1st time? What made you collaborate with Unfold Second Innings?

Unfold was introduced by Shoma Bakre of Lets Do Some Good to us. Puja contacted us in May and our journey with Unfold began. We were in search of good and dedicated teachers and we got connected for this.

What has been your experience of working with talent referred by Unfold Second Innings?

We got two teachers Mrs Elizabeth Thomas and Mr Gurumurthy for our Kasvanahalli project and Lakshmi Ananth for Our ASP program.

Our experience of working with the above mentioned teachers has so far been very pleasurable. They also invest time in helping, mentoring and guiding our teachers. To that extent they are also teachers to teachers. They have very good and creative ideas, come prepared with plans and details for days’ classes.

They have by and large been self starters. We just had to spend some time in orienting and introducing them to the school environments.

What will be your message to retirees or homemakers?

Our experience with Ms. Elizabeth and Mr. Gurumurthy have been very encouraging. The theme is they can make solid contributions by imparting their knowledge to the future of the society and country. And while doing the same they enjoy being with young and diverse minds every day learning, experiencing, shaping and enriching others and themselves.

What is your message to organisations looking for diverse talent?

Talented, Positive-minded, Energetic and Inspirational people who are really interested in sharing their wealth of experience can be and would be big assets to leverage. This is irrespective of the age or stage of life that one is in. This is especially relevant for organizations such as Samridhdhi where we are engaged in transforming lives of young kinds from under-privileged background

Becoming a Social media wizard!!

The unfold office was brighter on November 4, as we welcomed five senior citizens keen to dive into the world of social media and the Internet. Their curiosity and engagement kept the trainers going and on their toes – we discovered what we needed to learn. Mr. Ray, Mr. Bhattacharya, Mrs. Teresa Bhattacharya, Rebekah Benjamin, Uma Prakash completed the basic course and enrolled for the next level - intermediate learning session for December.
Write to us on if you are interested in finding out more…

Opportunities for you to explore with us

We launched our facebook page and encourage you to ‘like’ us to stay connected.

We have engaged with around 400 retirees in the last one year, run multiple learning sessions and were able to provide meaningful opportunities to a few whose interest matched opportunities in teaching or work based roles that unfolded.

In case the idea of learning new skills or exploring a second career in the area of your passion drives you, what are you waiting for? Register with us by sending in an email to to explore further. Tell us a little bit about you, your background, your interest areas, what you are looking for and we will help you explore this world of opportunities.

Looking forward to hearing from you.. because truly age is no limit!