About Unfold Second Innings

Unfold Second Innings is a community initiative promoted by the Unfold Consulting team who are experienced professionals with a strong track record in human resources and working with people and change agendas. Unfold has been a thought leader in the space of generational diversity and has tabled this agenda within the industry much before it was a conscious thought. As part of the work with multiple generations, the focus on retirees and senior generation has taken the shape of enhancing capability and identifying opportunities for second careers.

Introduction to the Unfold Second Innings Program.

We at Unfold consulting believe that retirement only means it is time for a new adventure. Through our insights gathered from our retiree community we have identified that retirees don’t really feel that their work is done, but to want to explore their opportunities, try new ideas and walk paths they’ve always dreamt of. We are also extending our initiative to homemakers / empty nesters who are 45 years+ as they seem to be exhibiting similar needs and drivers for our opportunities.

Unfold Second Innings encourages retirees to pursue second careers by building diverse capabilities for exploring greater opportunities in interest areas. Unfold Second Innings promotes active ageing by offering career based solutions to seniors and retirees. The focus is on careers and capability building for retirees because Unfold believes that retirement is not the end but a start to another productive phase of life.

With better lifestyle and appropriate medical assistance, pursuing a second career is a real possibility. Unfold seeks to build a community of seniors and retirees and provide them with a platform that helps capacity building and assists them with exploring opportunities for a second career. Unfold aims to achieve this by conducting skill and interest based workshops, providing one-to-one coaching and career support & advisory services.

The services we offer include: